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AR80 - NEW

Floor mixer with 80 L (80/40 L) bowl and impact-resistant surface. The AR80 is always on hand to help, be it with kneading, stirring or whipping.


Quick and easy to operate thanks to the reliable BEAR Varimixer variable speed system and the unique bowl clamping system which lifts the bowl into position and raises it to the correct working height.


The AR80 is very versatile, and is used in the catering industry, in bakeries, by confectioners and in the marine sector.

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  • Smooth control panel - NEW
  • Soft bowl lowering - NEW
  • Digital timer - NEW
  • Powerful, quiet motor
  • Variable speed system
  • No risk of oil spills
  • Unique bowl clamping system
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Effective scraper
  • Quick and simple cleaning
  • Stainless steel body as an option
  • Waterproof mixer head as an option
  • Ready for other functions
  • Accessories for greater flexibility
  • Large selection of safety guards
  • Choice of control panels
  • All aboard!
  • A very special hook

Capacity Chart AR80 Tool
Egg white 12 L whip
Whipped cream 30 L whip
Mayonnaise 64 L whip
Herb butter 60 kg beater
Mashed potatoes 50 kg whip
Bread dough (50%AR) 50 kg hook
Bread dough (60%AR) 60 kg hook
Ciabatta dough (70%AR) 60 kg hook
Muffins 48 kg beater
Layer cake base 20 kg whip
Meatball mix 60 kg beater
Icing 60 kg beater
Doughnut (50%AR) 50 kg hook
Control Panels
Attachment drive
Stainless Steel Mixer
Safety Guards
Watertight planetary head
Powder Mixer
Ring-gas burner
Bowl Lifts
Bowl truck
Tool Rack
Vegetable cutter
Meat mincer