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RN10 VL-2 Table model

This mixer has a bowl capacity of 10 L, and both the machine and the accompanying tools are made of stainless steel.


It will whip, stir and mix and is ideal for smaller batches and production units. The electronic Vari-Logic control panel and Remix function provide an endless series of adjustment options.


It has a safety guard which everyone will love working with. It is transparent, protects against dust and has an integrated filling chute.

The guard is magnetically attached without any mechanical fittings, so it can be removed and cleaned in no time in the dishwasher.


Available in a table model or a floor model. Ideal for the catering and fast food industries, confectioners, the marine sector and laboratory use.

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  • Stainless steel as standard
  • Motor now stronger and faster
  • Revolutionary 3 in 1 safety guard
  • Protected against overloading
  • No risk of oil spills
  • Advanced electronic control panel
  • Variable speed system
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Effective scraper
  • Table model or floor model
  • A very special hook
  • Ready for other functions
  • All aboard!

Capacity Chart RN10 Tool
Egg white 1 L whip
Whipped cream 2.5 L whip
Mayonnaise 8 L whip
Herb butter 5 kg beater
Mashed potatoes 3.5 kg whip
Bread dough (50%AR) 5 kg hook
Bread dough (60%AR) 6 kg hook
Ciabatta dough (70%AR) 5.5 kg hook
Muffins 6.5 kg beater
Layer cake base 2.5 kg whip
Meatball mix 7 kg beater
Icing 5.8 kg beater
Doughnut (50%AR) 6 kg hook

Special features

Safety Guard 10L
VL-2 Control panel
Attachment drive
Vegetable cutter
Meat Mincer
Tool rack