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RN20 VL-2 Table model

Robust mixer with a 20 L (20/12 L) bowl which makes it ideal for smaller production units in the marine sector, laboratories, the fast food industry, bakeries and confectioners.


The Vari-Logic control panel with its variable speed system, fixed speeds and Remix function is designed for fast, easy operation.


Available in a floor model or a table model. The whip, beater and hook are all made of stainless steel.


The attachment drive is an optional extra which provides the opportunity to work with a meat mincer or vegetable cutter.



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  • Stainless steel as standard
  • Motor now stronger and faster
  • Protected against overloading
  • No risk of oil spills
  • Advanced electronic control panel
  • Variable speed system
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Effective scraper
  • Table model or floor model
  • A very special hook
  • Ready for other functions
  • Selection of safety guards
  • All aboard!
  • Can be adapted to the power supply on board
  • Accessories for greater flexibility

Capacity Chart RN20 Tool
Egg white 2.4 L whip
Whipped cream 5 L whip
Mayonnaise 16 L whip
Herb butter 10 kg beater
Mashed potatoes 12 kg whip
Bread dough (50%AR) 10 kg hook
Bread dough (60%AR) 11 kg hook
Ciabatta dough (70%AR) 12 kg hook
Muffins 14 kg beater
Layer cake base 5 kg whip
Meatball mix 15 kg beater
Icing 14 kg beater
Doughnut (50%AR) 12.5 kg hook
Control Panels
VL-2 (Vari-Logic) RN20
Attachment drive
Safety Guards
Powder Mixer
Vegetable cutter
Meat Mincer
Tool rack