Technical support


The BEAR machines are synonymous with strength and durability. They will do their job, year after year, requiring nothing more than the simple maintenance steps described in the manual supplied on purchase.
As with all technology, however, you may occasionally need a little assistance if you encounter a problem you cannot solve yourself. If the unthinkable happens, the BEAR service organisation is there to ensure that you are not alone, and to provide any help you may need as quickly as possible.
World-wide service organisation
The cornerstone of BEAR’s service organisation is our world-wide network of dealers and distributors. They guarantee close contact with our customers, and they all have the expertise and specialist training required to solve any problems you may encounter.
In rare cases, it may be necessary to obtain assistance from our factory in Copenhagen, where the engineers in the Technical Department are ready to assist our dealers with help and advice at all times.
Find your distributor here
If you are an end user, simply click the following link to find your nearest authorised BEAR distributor:
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The manual will solve most problems
Every BEAR Varimixer that leaves our factory is accompanied by a comprehensive manual which describes the machine's functions in simple, easy terms. The manual practically allows you to see inside the machine. You will rapidly become familiar with the necessary day-to-day maintenance requirements designed to ensure the machine’s smooth operation at all times.
In the unlikely event that you run into difficulties, the manual contains a trouble-shooting guide in which you will find instant solutions to most problems.
Click HERE to see a sample BEAR manual.
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