VL-3 (Vari-Logic)

VL-3 (Vari-Logic) – Standard control panel for AR 140 AR 200 and ERGO 40 – ERGO 100

Industrial control panel for the most demanding conditions. Waterproof (IP65) and protected by stainless steel frame. Operated by touching the scratch-proof and shatter-proof plastic panel.

Two different options for speed control:

  • Variable speed system
  • Four fixed speeds, of which two can be adjusted by operator as required

The speed is reduced to a minimum before the machine stops completely
Automatic bowl lift
Jog function* used in connection with bowl lift
Option for automatic lowering of bowl after mixing process is completed
Electronic 60-minute timer
Pause function for inspection of contents
LEDs show actual speed and assist the operator when using the control panel
Emergency stop
* Tool rotation during last stage of bowl lift prevents overloading of tool
The Vari-Logic panel is standard on ERGO BEAR.