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Welcome to A/S Wodschow

The BEAR Varimixer Company

A pioneer in planetary mixing technology. The brand name BEAR Varimixer™ is known worldwide for being synonymous with strength and durability.

We call it "Scandinavian know-how worldwide"


Meet the daring new and stylish AR mixers

AR30 - AR40 - AR60


Be the first to bring style and good looks into your production, without compromising the trusted quality. For the first time ever, power, function and design have been brought together.


Experience the enhanced features and all-inclusive performance:

■ Black and stainless steel exterior
■ Digital timer
■ Soft bowl lowering
■ Stainless steel beater

30, 40 and 60 litres AR models available in black, stainless steel and of course, classical white.

AR30    AR40    AR60

Case stories



Südback, Stuttgart

PIR, Moscow

HOST, Milan



A flexible elect-
ric solution... 


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Screen saver

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aspect ratio 16:9

aspect ratio 4:3

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