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Ring-gas burner

Fast heating and simple operation.


The ring-gas burner is suitable for heating creams and chocolate and for melting fats. It is also ideal for making sauces, soups, mashed potatoes and much more.


The ring-gas burner functions exactly like a gas burner and uses both natural gas and liquid gas.


The ring-gas burner is mounted on the BEAR Varimixer's bowl bracket and can be turned to one side when not in use.


For better heat distribution, it is possible to order a bowl without a base. This will affect the bowl's balance, however, which is why we offer a bowl cart adapted to bowls without a base.

Machine size Heat load Measure d  Measure Z Gas

RGB 30

30–40 L

2.9 kW

160 mm 360 mm

Natural or liquid

RGB 60

60–80 L

4.1 kW

220 mm 425 mm

Natural or liquid

RGB 100

100–200 L

7.0 kW

250 mm 560 mm

Natural or liquid



Ring-gas burner_leaflet GB

Ring-gas burner_leaflet DK